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read the article and answer the first 7 questions at the end.

Yuanyang terraced fields

Yuanyang terraced fields

Read this article, and focus on the last three paragraphs. Identify 3 reasons for increased poultry consumption. (this can be completed and turned in on the day of the test for extra credit.)

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Good example of nomadic herders from Central Asia

Source: adapted from Stutz, R. and A. de Souza (1998) The World Economy: Resources, Location, Trade and Development, Third Edition, Toronto: Prentice Hall, p. 268.
  • Figure Arepresents what the agricultural land use would be if the most basic assumptions were applied, namely the market located at New York (or BostWash), crops being ranked by comparative rent paying abilities and considering ubiquitous geographical characteristics. Although this representation has some level of concordance with reality, it inaccurately portrays agricultural land use in the United States.
  • Figure B includes one supplementary assumption that considers climate variations, where the north is colder than the south. This constraint has a significant impact on agricultural land use as even if for a location a crop would have a higher rent paying ability, another crop would be grown because climatic conditions forbids it. The resulting agricultural land use has a much higher level of correspondence with reality.



Take the following quiz.
Take notes on the advantages of GMOs.
Take notes on the disadvantages of GMOs.

Is the use of genetic modification and other Green Revolution Technologies the solution to the world's hunger problem or a problem in and of themselves that will harm the world more than it will help it?

Another overview of GMOs
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Issues with agribusiness and genetic modification
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There is stuff in your food!!!