Unit 4 Ethnicity and Race (Folk and Pop culture too)

Day 1 HW assignment 4.2:
This assignment should be typed with a proper heading and title at the top of the page.
What ethnicity am I and how has it shaped my life? If you feel that you have no strong ethnicity, explain whether this has hurt or helped you.

Table for Race/Ethnicity map in Charlotte Mecklenburg Census 2010 - Assignment 4.3 on syllabus
Table for Race/Ethnicity map of Mecklenburg County
Questions to answer:
1. Where are the heaviest concentrations of each ethnic group?
2. Which ethnic group makes up the majority of the population in our county?
3. Which ethnic group makes up the greatest number in the area around your school?
4. When looking at the total number for each group, why do some census tracts add up to a number greater than is listed as its total?
5. Write a 3 line summary of your map.

Ethnicity weblinks:
Interracial Marriages??
Spatial pattern of ethnic groups in the U.S.
Great maps of ethnicity/race in U.S. cities
Segregation Index for U.S. cities
Race: the power of illusion
Eyes on Darfur
Good source for Ethnic Conflict project
Segregation Index of major U.S. Cities

external image segcauses.gifsource

Folk and Pop Culture information

Need a GREAT website for contrasting Folk with Pop culture? Check this out!
How Can Jeans Cost $300?

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