Unit 2 Syllabus 15-16

PDF of text- Unit 2: Population and Migration Chapters 2 and 3



Where populations are growing and shrinking

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Unit 2 Videos:
Deportation Story/Video

: A nice table summary expelling some of the myths behind immigration to the U.S.
: summary of various impacts/consequences of immigration

Unit 2 Links:
Alabama Immigration Law 2011 Wow, who would have seen this coming? (sarcasm)
Oct. 31, 2011 world population reached 7 billion, find out what your number is go here
BBC special report: 7 billion and counting
Could you pass a citizenship quiz?
Knocked Up and Knocked Down an article that deals with Birth Rates and Income in the United States.
You'd better check this out! This interactive map gives you information about where people are coming from and going to. (possible Free Response?!)
Population Quiz Game
How many countries have a TFR < 2?
Canada needs immigrants (how about the U.S.?)



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China's One Child Policy

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For an excellent overview of migration & the gravity model check out this slide share: KUDOS TO