Unit 1

Chapter 1

How do geographers describe where things are?

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Q: How does scale change distortion? At what scale is there more/less distortion?

How are places on the Earth unique?

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This border, championed by the geographer Philip Clüver, made the Gulf of Ob, at 600 miles the world’s longest estuary, the border between Europe and Asia. Had this extension of Europe east of the Urals persisted, the northernmost part of Europe would now be the tip of the Yamal Peninsula [12], poking 400 miles into the Arctic and home to Russia’s largest remaining reindeer herds (and largest remaining natural gas reserves).

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Globalization and Neolocalism
How can the world be going in opposite directions at the same time? (Is the world getting smaller or bigger? more diverse or more uniform?)

How do we describe the arrangements and interactions of and between things in space?
How do we describe the spatial association between places and spatial interaction?
Complementary/Transferability/Intervening Opportunity

Expansion diffusion

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Reverse Hierarchical Diffusion