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General Course Documents

Midterm Exam "review" 2014-2015

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Interested in the unrest in the Middle East? Check out this link and map.
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Fans of Jon Stewart should scroll down a little bit for a short clip on some current events.


Very interesting real time stats

Hellloooo cultural landscape!!!! (what would you film in Charlotte for this video?)

One of the best websites for study strategies and time management.
How to study: a brief guide
Online practice for map test
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In late December, just before Christmas, a volcano in the Red Sea began shooting plumes of lava 60 feet into the air. The plumes of smoke and ash could be seen for miles in every direction; it was the birth of land. New imagery from NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite shows that the cooling lava has formed a new island is about 1,700 by 2,300 feet across and is expected to become a permanent resident. Welcome to the map, little island.

An oldie but a goodie,

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How well do you Google?? Want to get better at searching the internet? Check out this illustration.


Geography of Thanksgiving dinner Geography of Thanksgiving dinner v.2

Let's go hiking!!

Why you should be a student of Human Geography

Where in the World??? Can you guess?


So, what did you do this weekend?